About Isimo

Isimo™ was born with the objective of developing and market innovative solutions for the well-being of families, focusing from the beginning on finding innovative solutions for health. We believe that many problems have a simple solution. At Isimo we enjoy finding the best and most innovative solution for you.

We understand that our products must be a faithful reflection of our philosophy and vision, having as common features innovation, simplicity, efficiency, reliability and, in general, improving the quality of life, increasing well-being. The founders are inspired by so many unmet needs in the industry. Isimo™ works with designers, medical experts and testing laboratories to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. The safety of children and women who use our products is essential and will never be compromised.

All of our products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable US, European Community, and international standards. Our products are rigorously tested during product development and throughout the manufacturing process. We work with medical experts, designers, engineers and testing laboratories that are world leaders in product testing to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

Currently, Laboratorios Isimo has a partnership with AQ Therapeutics, Inc. for the development of products based on Hyaluronic Acid plus patented recombinant growth factors for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, dry eye and open wound recovery, specially diabetic ulcer wounds.